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Some of the circuits operate from potentially lethal voltages, so BE CAREFUL!

Tube Circuits
EL 84Universal

A small universal PCB for Power Amplifiers based on the well-known EL84/6BQ5 Tube

Small Project ideally suited for beginners, but also very rewardigng for HIFI Enthusiasts

Mosfet Power Supply A MOSFET stabilized High Voltage PSU for Tube Circuits.

Suited especially well for Headphone Amps, Preamps and small power amps

Indicator Tube PCB

Multi Purpose PCB for Indicator Tubes EM84/EM800/6FG6 .

EL84/6BQ5 Compact Complete Stereo EL84/6BQ5 SE Power Amp with preamp stage and MOSFET-stabilized, channel sepeated Powersupply, easy to build with PCB

Also makes a great Headphone Amplifier

Analog Circuits
Function Generator XR2206 Easy to build function generator circuit based on the industry standard XR2206

FM Miniature Transmitter An introduction on constructing small RF Transmitters
78XX Universal PSU Multi Purpose PCB for Voltage Regulators 78XX (7805,7812) Family
RF High Power Oscillator Push-Pull High Power RF Oscillator with MOSFET Transistors
EM800 Indicator Tube Controlled by an Atmel Tiny85
Geiger Counter Data Logger With Atmel controller and LND712 Counter Tube
Atmel Tiny Board Ultra Low Cost Development board for Atmel Tiny 12/15 Microcontrollers
Atmel Micro Board Thumbnail size Controllerboard for RC Model , Case Modding and the like
Softwareprojects for Microcontroller
Heartbeat LED A LED is pulsing like a Heartbeat. Nice Optical effect
LED Dimmer Soft ON-OFF PWM Pushbutton Dimmer for LED's with Soft ON / Off
Voltage Controlled RGB LED A RGB Led is controlled from a Voltage 0..2.5V.

6 different modes to choose from

Moodlight Color Magic Crazy Color Cycling effects
RGB Dimmer 3 LED's can be controlled independently for many many colours
Mixed Applications
Magic Engine RPM An application for the Voltage Control Software

Change your Dashboard Background Light Color with your Engine RPM

Additional Information,Basics,DIY Kit, Links for Schematic
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